Environmental responsibility

Furniture factories can be a cause of environmental damage if they are not managed properly. At our factory we know that what we have responsibilities towards the environment and the people who live around us. We carry on with several actions to prevent any damage we could cause to the environment. Using only the most technologically advanced facilities at the factory and controlling all the waste that is a product of furniture factory’s everyday run (especially the hazardous waste). We put the utmost care in looking after waste coming from the factory as well as the offices to be in the recycling circle. Constant development and introducing new solutions that keep our company harmless for the environment and more ecologically conscious is one of our greatest goals.


Providing the best quality has always been our main focus. Looking for technological developments and setting trends is the path we’re following, but it would not be enough to just stop there. Starting point has always been the quality. We use only the best materials available, putting care and attention into choosing them. Our modern factory facilities combined with manual processing of materials give quality that only human’s eye attention to details can give. Several steps quality control is a standard practice and is another factor to add to our work ethic. That makes the quality of our product outstanding.

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